TISCO’s circular economy steps into
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TISCO’s circular economy steps into standardization stage

By Xiaobin Tong
TISCO set up pollutants emission reduction method and energy, resources closed loop useful frame in the whole precess, then successfully accomplished the enterprise internal circulation and participated in the big cycle combined with cities’ cycle. A few days ago, Tisco’s circular economy standardization work was officially started.
It is reported that the national standards committee, the national development and reform commission has approved Taiyuan city as the first provincial captical city for the national cycle economic experimental place in June 2010. The municipal party committee and the city government put forward circular economic goals to constructe"two system" (circular economy standard system and standard evaluation system), to create "a platform" (circulation economic information platform), to promote the "four levels" (enterprise, industry, park, community) in "four areas" (agriculture, industry, service, social) within three years. Among them, iron and steel, and the steel processing cycle economy standardization system construction is specifically designated. TISCO is the main creative subject.
For many years, Tisco has been dedicated to advance clean production, energy saving and emission reduction and recycling economy, to eliminate the equipments with severe pollution, high energy consumption of resources and low production efficiency, to realize large-scale production equipments, high efficiency, clean products and diversification in variety, environmental protection of first-class facilities, energy consumption index in the advanced level of the industry. Green circulation economy development model combined with steel production with the length of the process has been initially formed.

This time, the formulated circular economy and its evaluation standards will focus in two directions of technology and management, covering environmental protection index, ecological materials design specification, waste recycling technology application, recycling raw material quality standards and recovery and utilization, materials saving management, energy saving standard management etc.


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