Tisco successfully developed extra h
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Tisco successfully developed extra high strength hot-rolled strip

By Shufen Jiang
Tisco’s700 MPa high strength hot-rolled strip has successfully replaced the imports, and monopolized hot-rolled strip market used in the domestic concrete pump. After that, Tisco has successfully developed 900 MPa high strength hot-rolled strips for the first time in China. The quality is closer to the world advanced level. Tisco becomes one of the minority several enterprises that can produce this kind of products, which meets the conditions for substituting the imports.  
More than 900 MPa high strength hot-rolled strip is the mainstream of research direction of the international thin specification high strength steel in recent years, which represents the highest level of traditional hot rolling strip process. The product is mainly applied in concrete pump car manufacturing and has good market prospect. It has been all relied on the imports. After nearly three years’hard work, Tisco overcome many problems such as performance defects, process control and so on. At the end of 2011, Tisco has produced products with good organization and cold bending properties. Various mechanical performance indicators can meet the requirement s of concrete pump car.
At present, the products researched by Tisco have been sent to the application performance tests in the domestic famous enterprises. They can meet the technological requirements which are expected to fully replace the imports.

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