The largest VOD furnace in Tisco has
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The largest VOD furnace in Tisco has successful hot test

By ZhangXin
The photo shows technical personnel are carefully observing the refined furnace condition.  Baobao Liu photoed
Tisco another project with quality and efficiency -the world's largest 180 tons of VOD refining furnace has successful hot test in Tisco No.2 steelmaking plant, which marked the quality control of Tisco super pure ferritic stainless steel y promoted further.
This refining furnace applies the European safety standards and is the world's largest VOD finer by SIEMENS VAI participated in the design. It is mainly for the production of ultra-low carbon, nitrogen stainless steel products. The structure is compact and automation is higher. It adopts the up-dynamic type structure with a splash water cooling cover device. The overall safety performance is high; the efficiency of smelting is greatly improved by using of the new smelting process flowchart.
The production of the device will increase the purity control ability of stainless steel. Product profitability and the competitive power of enterprise promoted further.
Ultra pure ferritic stainless steel can replace the traditional austenitic stainless steel in many areas, which is the current and future market demand of key varieties. For many years, Tisco successfully developed with independent intellectual property rights of the 436 L, 429, 439, 443, and the YH21CT variety, formed super pure ferritic stainless steel series product with all varieties and specifications, which keeps the first domestic market share for six years.


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