Tisco heat resistant steel seamless
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Tisco heat resistant steel seamless steel tube has passed the expert review

By Shiying
In March 19, 2012, Tisco heat resistant steel seamless steel tube material commenting was held in Garden grand hotel. The boiler pressure vessel standardization technical committee secretary Binan Shou and some experts on ultra supercritical power station boiler used with 10 Cr18Ni9NbCu3BN and 07 Cr25Ni21NbN heat resistant steel seamless steel tube materials made some discussion and passed the review.
Experts listened to the introduction of Tisco relevant personnel about two products development, production, testing and the enterprise standard, and the introduction of the representatives from Shanghai power generation complete sets of equipment design and research institute about the product validation test. They also questioned and discussed these problems.Experts agreed that chemical composition, appearance quality, metallographic organization, mechanical properties and the process performance of the above two kinds of Tisco product had reached the related requirements and can meet our country boiler regulations and related technical standard requirements. They can be used in the production of boiler parts. Experts hoped Tisco can be more excellence, produce more high quality products for the society, and provide more and better materials.

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