The Bell-type Furnace Independently
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The Bell-type Furnace Independently Developed by TISCO Reaches Internationally Leading Leve

By Shi Ying
Relying on its technical resources and overcoming the technical blockage from foreign, TISCO finished the installation of the first 18 sets fully hydrogen bell type annealing furnaces for 2250mm production line of hot rolling mill. Those furnaces are purely independently developed and integrated by TISCO, and they have been put into production at present. Through test and comparation, it is sured that the fully hydrogen bell type annealing furnace independently developed by TISCO reaches the equivalent level of imported equipment in terms of mechanical parts, control system and etc., and the energy consumption indexes meet the expected target. It indicates that the engineering and manufacturing technologies of fully hydrogen bell type annealing furnace owned by TISCO are in a worldwide leading rank.
It is anticipated that, by April, the 30 sets independently developed fully hydrogen bell type annealing furnace will be totally put into production. The purpose is to raise the production and product quality of TISCO’s 400 series stainless steel. Besides, it will also create favorable conditions for the R&D of other steel grades. By then, an increasement of 60 million RMB yuan of annual profit as well as an investment cost saving of 20 million RMB yuan by not using imported facilities will be realized.

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