TISCO’s Heat Resistant Seamless Stee
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TISCO’s Heat Resistant Seamless Steel Pipe Fills the Blank in Domestic Market

By Shi Ying
Recently, TISCO made another success in pipe making --- the development of 10Cr18Ni9NbCu3BN and 07Cr25Ni21NbN heat resistant seamless steel pipes for application of super critical powerstation boiler. These two products have been appraised and technically approved by China Machinery Industry Association and National Standard Committee. Their quality are deemed as equivalent as the products of their kind from overseas. And they are approved for batch production. The 07Cr25Ni21NbN heat resistant seamless steel pipe break the monopolization of imported product and fill the bland in domestic market. The batch production of these kinds of products has double effect economically and socially, it will greatly save the coal resources and decrease the greenhouse polluted gas emission.
Till now, TISCO has produced 1000 tons of the independently developed super (super) critical power station boiler 10Cr18Ni9NbCu3BN heat resistant steel. Those steel, after processed to seamless steel pipe by down stream pipe maker, has been successfully applied in power plant projects contracted by Harbin Boiler and East Boiler.
The R&D of these kinds of products form a set of production process technology with independent knowledge property right which is suitable for TISCO’s process and facility. More than 20 items of enterprise know-how are declared. Several state invention patents are applied and 3 of them are authorized.


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