Cooperation Contract between TISCO a
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Cooperation Contract between TISCO and BSE is Signed

By Jiang Shufen
On the morning of April 18th, a technical cooperation contract signing ceremony was held in Garden International Hotel between TISCO and BADISCHE STAHL ENGINEERING GMBH, Germany (BSE). Hohannes Greinacher, the president of BSE, Zhang Wucheng, the vice president of BSE, and 9 experts of BSE, Zhang Zhifang, vice general manager of TISCO, Wang Baidong, vice general manager of TISCO and responsible chiefs of related departments of TISCO attended the ceremony.
Zhang Zhifang presented a welcome adress. He said, through the prephase negotiation and communication between two companies, TISCO and BSE, as everyone wished, held the signing ceremony as per schedule. It was a symbol of the formal start of the cooperation between two parties. BSE shared a great reputation among the worldwide steel industry. It owned enriched metallergical experiences and skills, as well as excellent management knowledge and experience in raising efficiency of short flow factory. TISCO is an international well known and worldwide biggest stainless steel enterprise with complete process flow. The cooperation between these two companies will furtherly raising their fame and promote their innovation. Zhang Zhifang hoped that the experienced experts would use their expretise and experience to find brilliant solutions for TISCO; he was also looking forward to an improvement of TISCO’s metallurgy technology and the realization of high efficiencY, low cost and good harmonization in production system through this cooperation.
Hohannes Greinacher expressed, TISCO was the worldwide biggest stainless steel producer. Especially after this financial cirsis, under a general oversupplying background in steel industry, TISCO had got remarkable achievement in its development. BSE felt proud to have TISCO as a partner. In the following two weeks, the experts would conduct site diagnosis with focus on optimization of existing human resource, equipment and technology. Within three years, we would put an eye on the future and find the best solution. It was hoped that, TISCO’s market competition, as well as the positions of both companies in steel industry, would be elevated through these sincere cooperation.
The main cooperation partners of BSE are No. 1 Steel Making Plant and No. 2 Steel Making Plant. The principals of these two SMPs expressed, the cooperation contained the sincere hope and great ambition of the management of both companies. They would treasure the rare opportunity to work together with BSE expert with an open mind and positive attitude, they were looking forward to a plentiful and substantial result.
Zhang Zhifang and Hohannes Greinacher, on behalf of respective party, signed the contract.


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