TISCO Stainless Steel Cold Rolling P
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TISCO Stainless Steel Cold Rolling Project Launched Across-the-aboard

By Song Weidong
On the morning of Apr. 18th, the engineering of hot line of TISCO’s stainless steel cold rolling project was launched in TISCO, which symbolized the complete launching of TISCO stainless steel cold rolling project. After putting into production, the project will be able to produce a series of steel products, including high speed heavy load railway carriage steel, automobile vent-pipe steel, container, and etc. Some of the products will replace the imported steel products and meet the development requirements of national economy in a better way.
Chinese government has being always giving vigorous support to TISCO to develop its stainless steel industry to a greater and stronger direction. In last year, the stainless steel cold rolling project gained a 200 million Yuan’s central budget capatial support, which is the only one of this kind in Shanxi Province in 2011. The recently launched hot line project, as a critical part of stainless steel cold rolling project, is jointly designed by a combined team consisting of experts from several globally leading companie. This production line, by putting into production, will be the most advanced worldwide. It will dramatically raise TISCO’s production efficiency, furtherly rationalize TISCO’s production pace, and meanwhile, furtherly optimize product technology and process, offer a guarantee to the following production.


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